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Advanced Crowdsearch - Brand Signals (Google)

Advanced Crowdsearch - Brand Signals (Google)

Advanced Crowdsearch - Brand Signals (Google)



This is a special product, one that you likely won't see anywhere else and it can give you a SERIOUS edge over your competitors when rolled out over the long term.
Google uses a number of different metrics/signals to determine whether you're a real BRAND or not. 
(Remember, Google is a BOT, so they have developed various ways to ascertain whether a site is "just a site" or some level of a Brand. Unlike us, they don't just "know" what a brand is...)

Therefore - they look at your content, links, social media activity, brand mentions across the web and crucially, whether anyone is actually typing your brand/site into Google!

This is a REAL quality signal and it's even in one of their patents. See here for a simple explanation versus trying to sift through the patent yourself.

Let's assume a scenario where there are 2 sites competing for a specific keyphrase - Site A & Site B.
Site A & Site B have the same on-site and off-site metrics, but the glaring difference is that Site A has it's brand searched for in Google regularly by searchers - Site B does not.

Google is going to rank Site A (which gets brand searches) over Site B any day of the week. 

The question is...
Do searchers type your site or brand name into Google regularly? Are you sending those critical signals to Google? If not, your rankings are lower than they could be.

Get a HUGE edge over your competitors and re-order this product monthly, so you have this service on-going - so that you're sending brand signals to your site every day, week and month!

What you'll notice over the months as your "branded searches" build up is that your site inflates across the board in the SERP's. Just like when you start fixing your Panda issues, you see rankings increase - sitewide.

For any site that you want to build long-term rankings for, order this product on an ongoing basis and let our crowdsearchers search for your brand every day.

What You Get:
Our crowdsearch team will search for variations of your brand in Google, thus sending lots of brand signals to Google. Each month, we rotate the brand terms that are searched for in order to build in natural variation.

When we land on your site, we'll stay there for a while and search around on various pages to boost your on-site metrics as well (bounce rate reduction, increase time on site, increase page views).

What you end up with are high quality branded searches where the visitor is staying for several minutes at least!

What to Expect:
Results don't happen overnight. It takes time to build up these brand signals and metrics. From our tests, we see lifts after no less than 60 days and they amplify each month as the signals continue to build.

Remember - this is not meant to be a one-off order. So you should re-order this gig each month, or reach out to us and we can put your account on a monthly automation...we'll just bill you monthly and keep creating the content each month.
You want to be sending brand signals to your site 24/7 to continually build up those brand metrics and stand out among your competitors who likely get zero (or minimal) brand searches.