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Advanced Crowdsearch - Google Search

Advanced Crowdsearch - Google Search

Advanced Crowdsearch - Google Search



Crowdsearching is the first legitimate game-changer in SEO since Google's inception, because - unlike every other strategy - the results are nearly instantaneous...

How Does it Work?

Crowdsourced search activity - done within specific parameters and in precise volume thresholds - effectively increases your CTR in Google, average time on site, pages/visitor and of course decreases bounce rates. 

And this has a massive impact on any site that's currently ranked on the 1st, 2nd or in some cases 3rd page of Google's SERPs for a given keyword.

The vast majority of sites whose behavioral metrics improve like this, will get "bumped" up the results (usually several positions), very fast.

Remember that your traffic will literally double (or more) when you go from position #4 to position #1 on Google's first page. And the multiple only increases as you start out lower down - especially if you're stuck on page 2 or 3 at the moment.

And it's practically instantaneous, compared to regular SEO - sometimes you'll see the majority of that boost in as little as a few days, and in many cases, within a couple weeks.

Here's What To Expect After Ordering: (i.e. Results!)
  • This will typically result in a SERP boost of ~30% in the 1st month of ordering, from there - we have seen continual increases as well as holding those stronger rankings.
  • This translates anywhere from a few spaces upward (e.g. #7 > #4), to sometimes lifting your site straight to the top 3 positions. For those of you on Page 2, this can definitely help lift you to Page 1. 
  • For some sites, and in some markets - these scenarios could literally multiply traffic and revenues.
  • It generally takes at least 72 hours before you see the first results (lift) roll in, but it can certainly take longer as we ensure to not "over-search". 

Bare in mind that the "improved metrics" need to be recognized by Google, and this differs from keyword to keyword - but you'll likely see some noticeable movement by the end of the first 7-14 days.

Why You Should (Really) Set up a Recurring Order:

  • We have consistently seen that as soon as we stop crowdsearching, rankings fall back to their original spot.
  • If you are choosing to target truly valuable and high-converting keyphrases, we strongly recommend that you set your order to recur to keep climbing (and defending) your position. If you have chosen the right keyword, your ROI will squash your monthly investment.
  • Further, we have also seen that your target page can reap additional benefits such as increased rankings for related keyphrases. Why? Simply because your on-site metrics keep improving as your order recurs, such as decreased bounce rates, increase time on site, pages/visitor and so on
Why This is such a Game-Changer for SEO's...

As many of us know too well, getting to page 2 isn't the hard part with conventional SEO. It's cracking the 1st page, and finally getting into the top-fold. THAT is what makes SEO so infuriating sometimes, because you just have to keep on slogging, month after month - even though you're sooo close - and inch from glory. It eventually happens, but it can take ages, and there are no shortcuts.

Well - there's no shortcut in terms of linking. But there IS a shortcut - and a big one - in terms of behavioral metrics. Our advanced crowdsearch technology can get you over that "hump" in a matter of a couple days. And unlike all the others... ours can actually keep you there.

Important: This product is NOT designed to replace correct (& thorough) on-page and off-page optimization. You must continue to carry out these responsibilities.

This is a "booster" product for your most profitable keywords only. 

Google takes into account so many factors, but what we're doing here is "maxing out" the part of Google's algo that looks at Click-Through-Rates and various on-site metrics in order to get you that boost. 

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