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Content Marketing Mastery Certification Course

Content Marketing Mastery Certification Course

Content Marketing Mastery Certification Course



Become a Certified Content Marketing Specialist

If you want to build your brand’s authority and nurture prospect/customer relationships the right way, you must deliver “value in advance.” And content (i.e. information/entertainment) is how you do just that. In this master class, you’ll learn how to craft and execute a content strategy that spreads a brand’s message to new audiences and existing prospects, alike, by providing genuine value in advance.

Upon completion of this mastery course, you'll take a test to receive a designation as a Digital Marketer Certified Content Marketing Specialist.

Here's what you'll learn as you study the material, in preparation for the certification test:



In this introductory lesson you’ll learn what content marketing is and why it’s a foundational part of your digital marketing strategy. We’ll get clear on who your customer is and how the marketing funnel relates to content marketing.

Topics Covered:

  • What to Expect
  • What & Why
  • Create Customer Avatar
  • Content Technology
  • The Marketing Funnel

Lesson 1 - Top of Funnel Content

In this lesson we’ll be covering the goals, metrics and types of content that should be produced to drive awareness for your business, brand, products, and services. You’ll be introduced to the content plan worksheets and begin building your content plan.

Topics Covered:

  • Top of Funnel Goals
  • Top of Funnel Content Types
  • Top of Funnel Metrics
  • Top of Funnel Content Plan

Lesson 2 - Middle of Funnel Content

The lesson on middle of the funnel content will teach you to build content that generates leads, initial sales and moves prospects through the evaluation stage of the buying process. In this section, you’ll learn to build an exceptional Lead Magnet.

Topics Covered:

  • Middle of Funnel Goals
  • Middle of Funnel Content Types
  • Lead Magnet Checklist
  • Middle of Funnel Metrics
  • Middle of Content Content Plan

Lesson 3 - Bottom of Funnel Content

Content created at the bottom of the funnel is designed to convert prospects at the point of sale. You’ll learn the goals, metrics and types of content that can be used to convert a prospect into a customer.

Topics Covered:

  • Bottom of Funnel Goals
  • Bottom of Funnel Content Types
  • Bottom of Funnel Metrics
  • Bottom of Funnel Content Plans

Lesson 4 -  Blog Marketing

Blogs are powerful content marketing vehicles because of their flexibility. We’ll cover 100’s of different blog post types, how to find and manage outside writers and how to convert casual readers into leads and sales.

Topics Covered:

  • How to Use This Section
  • WordPress Basics
  • 212 Blog Post Ideas
  • The Editorial Calendar
  • Writing Headlines
  • 8 Post Types
  • Inserting Calls to Action
  • Finding & Managing Writers
  • Writing/Editing Great Content
  • Lead Magnets & Blogs
  • Opt-In Boxes & Squeeze Pages
  • Repurposing Content
  • Blog Launches

Lesson 5 -  Other Traffic Channels

Great content is nothing absent distribution. In this section, we’ll cover the basics of distributing your content through email, search, and social media.

Topics Covered:

  • What is Organic Traffic
  • Organic Distribution Email
  • Organic Distribution SEO
  • Organic Distribution Social
  • Content Distribution Paid
  • Content Distribution Worksheet