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Advanced Crowdsearch - Youtube

Advanced Crowdsearch - Youtube

Advanced Crowdsearch - Youtube



One of the most effective ways to boost the rankings of your videos inside's search results is to do the following:

"Get real people all over the United States to search for your target keyword in YouTube, click on your video and watch it for at least 1-2 minutes (which is the entire video in many cases)."

What this does is tell Google that your video is relevant and worth watching for your target keyword (and related key phrases as well).

We've proven this countless times - and this product does exactly that.

What to Expect:
Within 5-20 days, you'll typically see a boost in your rankings with another "wave" of increases shortly following after for your target term, and related phrases as well.

Our Proven Strategy:
We recommend ordering this package on a monthly basis which is a powerful, long-term promotion where we send lots of people to your video within a 5-6 day period.

Don't worry, this has been tested to death and we'll never over-do it.

After this package and in order to preserve and build upon your rankings, we recommend ordering our "On-Going, Climb & Defend" service. Reach out to us at to discuss further...FYI, the ongoing monthly service is half the cost of this initial service.

That "Climb & Defend" product is less aggressive and more budget friendly. After a strong first month, you typically don't need as much horsepower for the ongoing months.