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Expert Link Analysis & Disavow Service (Intensive)

Expert Link Analysis & Disavow Service (Intensive)

Expert Link Analysis & Disavow Service (Intensive)



Every single website should have their links monitored & analyzed on a regular basis in order to identify and disavow the links that are working against a site's rankings

We highly recommend reviewing your sites on a monthly basis, perhaps even more regular than that.

Example: Let's say your site has 100 high-quality backlinks + 25 low-quality backlinks, today. 

Your rankings will NOT be as high as they would be without those 25 low-quality backlinks. We've proven this time and time again.

Just like with Google Panda (where low quality, thin pages eat against your quality pages) - the same is true when it comes to links. The low-quality links dilute the power of your high-quality links.

A crucial job, as an SEO, is to monitor these links and disavow the toxic ones. When this is expertly & correctly done, and those links are disavowed - you'll definitely notice the difference.

You simply cannot be a successful (and a responsible) SEO without carrying out this process. The days of being able to ignore lower quality links pointing to your site(s) are far behind us.

This process works incredibly well on all ranges of sites, and especially on those already ranking well and getting boatloads of traffic. We've seen very positive results from sites getting 50-10,000+ uniques per day. 

There are always low-quality links lurking that are accrued via scrapers, feeds, accidental links on "unhealthy" sites, forums, directories, links from previous SEO companies, negative SEO - the list is endless.

You have to confront this - you'll be amazed and surprised at the links a site can accrue.

> Want to (Almost) Bulletproof Yourself from Link Updates & Penalties?
One of the main reasons why a site tanks after a link update from Google is because they have too many low-quality links.

If you monitor these regularly, disavow the toxic links you'll essentially be left with a squeaky clean backlink profile that Google is NOT going to penalize!

This is how we prevent our sites from tanking.

> What is our Disavow Process?
We will analyze your entire domain from head-to-toe using expensive, cutting-edge link analysis software which helps filter and categorize the links.

Then - our expert team takes that list and looks at each link manually, one-by-one. If you rely on even the best software alone, your results will be far from optimal and you'll likely end up disavowing "good" links and missing the "bad" ones. 
Our team decides which links are working against your website and creates a disavow file on your behalf, ready for you to upload.

(This process usually takes days of solid work, depending on the size of the site and chosen package)

> What Do I Need to Do When I Receive The Disavow File?
1. Upload the disavow file to your Webmaster Tools account. 

2. For BEST RESULTS, we heavily recommend that you use our "One-Click Backlink Boosting" product to send link juice to those links within the disavow file. This can speed up your results by MONTHS.

Why? Because those links won't actually be disavowed until Google re-spiders them. 

This is exactly why so many people believe that the disavow file doesn't work - they think that as soon as you upload the file, the links are disavowed.

Not true. The links have to be crawled to be disavowed. 
(Don't worry, we explain all of this  inside your report upon order completion).

Don't put your site at risk anymore, let us conduct a full-on link analysis and produce a disavow file your site so desperately needs.