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Local SEO Promotion

Local SEO Promotion

Local SEO Promotion



Everything you need to launch a new local business site targeting geo-keywords, and kickstarting the ranking process. (Some local sites may rank first page just from this).


This service is designed to establish a very strong foundation of links and web presence for nearly any local business, targeting a geo-specific keyword. It's built specifically to maximize a smaller initial budget.


This campaign is designed for new websites, or otherwise websites with very low existing web presence, in order to kickstart the ranking process. In some cases, page-1 SERP positions may be achieved.

Remember that landing a #1 - #3 ranking on page 1 of Google's SERPs for your target keyword is generally the result of a sustained link campaign over several months. This is why we recommend that you reorder this gig on a recurring basis for a few months. After we complete this order you should reach out to us and ask about the monthly "Climb/Defend" package. 

Campaign Includes:

1 x 35 Local Business Listing Submissions
Your site will be submitted to local directories such as Yellow Pages and Google Maps, which will allow your clients to find you more directly and locally. Our directory lists are very similar to Bright Local's so you can be sure to receive some quality local listings.

We have created an email account so that all email verifications are sent here which we check for up to 7 days after the submission date. This ensures that all verification emails have been received and dealt with accordingly. You will now have control of this account for your reference and also if you need to update your profiles.

Please note, some sites have a manual review process that can take 2-3 weeks before a decision is made. While no further action via email is needed by you, of those completed submissions, where we are waiting on approval, you'll want to periodically check the email account, or the site directly (by login) to find out if your listing has been approved.

1 x Pro Press Release EX (Create+Distribute)
This is a very professional and high quality press release service. Our team of highly skilled American press release writers have crafted a power press release for you which has now been submitted into multiple distribution channels.

There is a 98% chance that your release will be featured in Google News, and certainly in authority news sites such as The Press Enterprise, MercuryNews, The Boston Globe,, The Daily Herald and hundreds / thousands more. A truly effective way of increasing brand awareness and generating a surge of new links and diversity. Very often, you'll receive direct contact from interested readers, agencies, customers etc from the exposure.

This product uses an SEO press release. This means the writers will be creating a newsworthy event where none exists. They will be using info found on your website to create the press release. While they will strive to be as accurate as possible with facts and details, they are writing a fictional press release so some details may not be perfect. The goal of an SEO press release is to get quality links. You will not have the ability to review or reject the press release prior to it being sent to distribution.

1 x 5 Web 2.0 Authority Properties (PR5+) + 5K Reinforcement Links (TIER 2)
Obtaining contextual links from Web 2.0 authority properties (PR5+) is an important strategy linking strategy simply because these sites are powerful, and the search engines love them.

Not only will you receive extra link juice and authority from the links that have been built, but due to the additional link boosting, these properties will have an excellent chance of ranking themselves. This of course adds another layer of traffic for your site.

These properties include, but are not limited to:,,,, and more.

1 x SocialRank with Google+
Incredibly powerful social posts from Google+ that drive authority and rankings to your site. This is providing a real edge that 99.99% of other sites just can't get access to.