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High Quality Elite Content - 1,500 Words

High Quality Elite Content - 1,500 Words

High Quality Elite Content - 1,500 Words



Elite Content is our highest level of writing.

You tell us exactly what you need written and we'll deliver everything you need.

You will be able to communicate directly with the writer and the writer with you, with any questions either of you may have.

You place the order if the writer has a question you will receive an email stating you have received a comment or question from the writer.

When the writer has a draft (in DOCX format) for you, you'll again receive an email of the draft of your content for review. You can either request edits or approve the order.

The order form is simple - you tell us what you need.

Elite Content is NOT keyword based, we are writing about a topic, niche or theme. This is real content that real people will want to read.

SEO is all about outstanding real content. Content that reduces your bounce rate and keeps people on your site.

One of the biggest SEO problems today is websites with thin content or content that is just, 'really bad'. Content lacking any detail.

Search engine algo's are smart enough to detect garbage content. It's a lot easier to use poorly written content, but you pay in the end. Let us solve that problem by adding extremely well written, detailed content to your existing web page, or we can rewrite the entire content on any existing page up to 1500 words.