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Micro Sites - Lead Generation Site Creation

Micro Sites - Lead Generation Site Creation

Micro Sites - Lead Generation Site Creation



Welcome to the 4-Minute, 100% Done-For-You, Website Rollout Service!

As you likely know too well, sometimes the true bottleneck when it comes to driving search traffic is just the initial effort involved in actually getting sites live, working with writers, designers, coders, scripts and all the rest of it - before it's ever actually ready to promote.

While it might not be the hardest task per se... its a lot of moving parts, and it can bog down a project, and reduce scaling capabilities. Your time is better spent elsewhere.

Especially in 2014 & beyond, as multi-asset (multiple sites per client) SEO is the only true way to mitigate risk and multiply results...

That's why Business Maximus - which can already put your SEO promotions on autopilot - is pleased to offer our hands-off, done-for-you website production service. And these sites are built specifically to drive results.

Key Features:
  • Perfectly optimized for converting leads (web, phone - or both!)
  • Perfectly optimized for SEO
  • Custom logo & professional template design included!
  • Customized web forms
  • Fully-functional, built-in lead management system - and real-time lead forwarding (Powered by InboundNow)
  • Advanced tracking & custom script insertion options - perfect for things like retargeting, conversion goals, and so on.
  • Built exclusively with 100% unique, American-produced content. (6 full-content pages, including a premium article for the homepage).
  • Built on Wordpress and other popular open-source plugins, so that you can easily edit or modify your sites as required.
  • Installed and set up for you, on your existing domain in real-time, so that the moment its complete - its ready to promote!

2-Column Lead-Gen (Live Example - Please DO NOT Test Web-form)

How Can I Drive Profits With a Site Like This?
  • Promote it to create an additional traffic source for your clients, effectively multiplying their leads & sales.
  • Mitigate risk in an era where Google hands out penalties whimsically, and often - and the only (true) solution is to rank several sites for the primary keyword target range... rather than trying to do it all with just one official site.
  • Promote it to create your own lead flow in profitable markets, and then either sell leads, or lease the site for a monthly fee (a.k.a. the VRE model).

  • Consider using a call-tracking / call-forwarding service like Twillio, CallFire, CallRail, CallTrackingMetrics, or otherwise a similar service, to track phone calls in real-time.
  • Consider using a Retargeting platform to lift your lead conversions (sometimes significantly) by recycling existing traffic, with platforms like PerfectAudience, AdRoll, SiteScout or otherwise a similar service.
  • When buying a domain name for these sites, look to purchase an exact or near-match domain, which at least partially contains your primary ranking target. Stick to .com, .net, or .org domain extensions for best results.
  • These are micro-sites, and you'll typically get the best mileage by focusing promotions on the homepage (root domain), and targeting 1-2 primary keywords.

Most importantly - take advantage of the fact that you can now easily roll out ready-to-go lead gen sites in any market you want... and the whole process is now reduced to just a few minutes of your time!

Scaling, conquering & profiting has never been this easy...