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Social Media & Community Manager Certification Course

Social Media & Community Manager Certification Course

Social Media & Community Manager Certification Course



Become a Certified Social & Community Manager

Social media properties such as Facebook and Twitter are arguably the most important customer engagement channels for brands today. They can’'t be ignored (nor should they) because this is where your customers are hanging out. In this master class, you’'ll learn how to architect both inbound and outbound strategies that will build real relationships and advocate for your brand’s message.

Upon completion of this mastery course, you'll take a test to receive a designation as a Digital Marketer Certified Social Media & Community Manager.

Here's what you'll learn as you study the material, in preparation for the certification test:



In this introductory lesson, you’ll learn the four stages of social media marketing success and how to audit the performance of your existing social media channels.

Topics Covered:

  • Social Success Cycle
  • Social Media Marketing Goals
  • The Customer Avatar
  • Which Social Media Channel is Right for You
  • Engagement vs Seeker Channels
  • 10-Minute Social Media Audit
  • Social Media Dont's
  • When to Automate

Lesson 1 - Social Listening

The most basic function of social media marketing is the management of criticism and praise from customers, prospects and media outlets. In this section, you’ll learn the goals, tools and steps to setting up a social listening program.

Topics Covered:

  • Why Listen?
  • Social Listening Goals
  • Social Listening Tools
  • Social Listening Metrics
  • Social Listening Setup
  • Social Listening Keyword Planning
  • Tool Demo Keyword Alert Setup
  • Listening Without Paid Tools
  • Using a Feedback Loop
  • Tool Demo Tag & Task Setup
  • The 3-Step Social Customer Service Plan

Lesson 2 - Social Influecing

Social influencing is about establishing you or your brand as an authority by broadcasting content. In this section, you’ll learn the goals, tools, and metrics of conducting social influencing campaigns.

Topics Covered:

  • Why Influence?
  • Social Influencing Goals
  • Social Influencing Tools
  • Social Influencing Metrics
  • Growing Social Profiles
  • Social Media Bouncing
  • Social Media Topic Map
  • 7 Blog Posts Templates
  • Socializing Blog Content
  • Step 1: Splinter
  • Step 2: Visualize
  • Step 3: Broadcast
  • Step 4: Tag
  • Step 5: Monitor
  • Step 6: Schedule
  • Tool Demo - Edgar
  • Defeating the Social Fire Hose
  • Tool Demo: Facebooks Boost Post Function
  • What's Your SOP?

Lesson 3 - Social Networking

The goal of social networking is to earn media mentions and partner with influential people and brands. In this section, you’ll learn to design and organize campaigns that reach these people and brands on the social web.

Topics Covered:

  • Why Network?
  • Social Networking Goals
  • Social Networking Tools
  • Social Networking Metrics
  • What is Media?
  • Long Tail Media Outreach
  • What Does Long Tail Media Want?
  • Networking By Topic Map
  • The "Short List"
  • Reverse Media Outreach
  • Staying Compliant

Lesson 4 -  Social Selling

It is possible to sell products and services on the social web, if it’s done properly. In this section, you’ll learn the offers you’ll need to make to generate leads and sales from social media campaigns.

Topics Covered:

  • Why Selling?
  • Social Selling Goals
  • Social Selling Tools
  • Social Selling Metrics
  • The Value First Strategy
  • Value First Offers
  • The Customer Journey
  • Content Segmentation
  • Segmentation + Retargeting
  • DEMO Setting Up a Segmented Website Customer Audience
  • Content + Social Media + Ad Retargeting
  • Put It All Together