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Social Media Ranking - Facebook

Social Media Ranking - Facebook

Social Media Ranking - Facebook



Google has said over and over again that Social Signals have no impact on rankings. 

After 9 long months & $10,000+ of relentless in-house testing, our results prove that Google has not been honest with us.

Here are just some of the results we've produced using our exclusive SocialRank product:
NOTE: This is from just ONE order of this product with no other recent promotions.
Imagine what the results would look like with recurring orders and monthly link building.
...and many more.
How Are We Doing This?
We truly believe we are the only ones with access to this information and we are not going to expose our secret. This will keep the product exclusive to Business Maximus customers only.

What Do I Get in an Order?
What you are getting are 3 social posts from Facebook that will help to drive up your rankings and authority.  

Very Important: 
The BIG takeaway here is that the quantity of social posts is NOT important - its ALL about the quality. Just the same as backlinks. You only need a few of these to make a big difference.
We are using a proprietary method to boost the power of these posts which is why only a handful are required.
** This is why ordering 500 social signals from Fiverr categorically does not work! **

Expected Results?
Upon order completion - we'll *continue* to amplify the power of your 3 Facebook posts by using our own proprietary technology and processes. This is not something you'll be able to reverse-engineer due to the layers of complexity involved.

You can expect to see ranking increases for your target page within 30-40 days (or less) as the promotions become recognized by Google and their algorithm applies the benefit and additional strength. 

We'll focus mainly on your primary target keyphrase but typically you'll see an increase for multiple terms targeted by your page. We recommend monitoring your page closely!

Sometimes you'll see movement faster than this, it just depends on the market and vertical. It's not unheard of to see movement within a few weeks - it's just not the norm.

Is it Safe?
Absolutely. We link only using your brand / URL as anchor text from the Facebook accounts we're posting from.

This tactic, in combination with additional Tier 1 links, is driving sites up the rankings like crazy.

Key Takeaway: 3 social posts from Facebook using our own proprietary methods to add authority to them which will drive rankings.

Reporting: You'll receive a list of 3 social posts from Facebook that we've generated - but - we are not disclosing what's happening behind the scenes to make them so valuable. The results will speak for themselves 30-45 days after the order is complete.