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Supportive Links - Social Bookmarks

Supportive Links - Social Bookmarks

Supportive Links - Social Bookmarks



These are low volume, high quality manual social bookmark submissions to quality sites, each with unique titles and descriptions. This favors the direction in which Google is headed (low volume, high-quality links). 99% of social bookmarking sites assign "NoFollow" to their outgoing links but this doesn't mean they don't carry any weight. NF links are still valuable and should be part of a diversified backlink profile.

We will submit your website to popular social bookmarking sites such as Digg, delicious etc using unique accounts only. Within a week or so, many of these links will already be indexed and likely have a positive effect on your rankings.

Includes: 10 social bookmarks, unique descriptions, titles, and accounts. Can be re-ordered automatically (auto-pilot).

Reporting: We provide you with a list of all the sites we've submitted your site too, along with the email account & password for those unique accounts.