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Video Creation & Production

Video Creation & Production

Video Creation & Production



Drive Leads, Phone Calls & Sales Easily with this Professional YouTube-Optimized Commercial!

Our skilled animators & video production team will create a professional video advert, that you can upload to popular sites like YouTube, and then rank in Google's SERPs (which is currently very easy to do, for any keyword!)

These videos are specifically designed to drive maximum engagement, with a professional voice actor, a strong call-to-action, and an engaging visual sequence to hold the prospect's attention.

All you have to do is upload the video you receive from us into YouTube, optimize the title for your primary keyword, and then drive High PR links to that Video URL - and that's it. We've seen videos like this rank in a matter of days, in some cases.
Each video follows your script (that you can customize) and contains custom animation sequences according to the subject matter.

Here's an example of what you'll receive from us:

This is one of the most effective ways to drive results for clients in a very short time-frame, in today's SEO environment. YouTube videos rank like clockwork, in even the most aggressive keyword verticals.

This strategy (ranking web assets like YouTube videos) is one of the easiest ways to multiply your client's search-driven traffic, in addition to other SEO activities for their primary brand website. In many cases, videos like this can actually drive as much business as an official site - even though the production and promotion cost is just a fraction in comparison.

Power Tip: Optimize your Video Title (on YouTube) so that your primary keyword is followed by a phone number so that prospects don't necessarily even have to click/view the video - they can just call the number that Google displays in the SERPs.
eg. "Cosmetic Dentist in Chicago - Call: 555-123-4567"

Important Information - PLEASE READ: The only way we can feasibly provide this service at scale - and at this cost - is to deliver these videos "as is", without further revisions. It would generally cost you about $1,000 per minute for a professionally animated video short (60 seconds), complete with revisions, storyboard development, etc.

Instead, we've tried to combine the best of both worlds - while still delivering a great service that can drive awesome results for your clients, without breaking the bank (or piling on a bunch of management workload).

The purpose of these videos is not to win awards - it's to drive engagement and drive results. To get people to pick up the phone and call your clients. Please keep this in mind.