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Youtube Video Ranking

Youtube Video Ranking

Youtube Video Ranking



Everything you need to launch a new YouTube video and kickstart the ranking process. Some videos may rank on the first page just from this.

This YouTube Ranking gig is designed to establish a very strong foundation of links and web presence for nearly any YouTube Video.


This campaign is designed for kickstarting the ranking process (in both & Google search) for videos. In some cases, page-1 SERP positions may be achieved just from this kickstart campaign.

Remember that landing a #1 - #3 ranking on page 1 of both's and Google's SERPs for your target keyword is generally the result of a sustained link campaign over several months. This is why you should reorder this gig on a monthly basis for a minimum of 3 months (and then maintain as necessary). vs. Google Rankings:

Ranking a video in's search results is fairly straightforward, and this campaign will immensely help to get you there. However, these rankings don't always translate over to, or what we call "universal search". This is entirely based on how relevant Google determines a keyword to be towards video content. 

The best practice for determining if Google actively ranks videos for a given keyword in its SERPs, is simply to see if there's already videos ranking for a given keyword. If so - then your chances of ranking a video in Google's SERPs are much higher, for that keyword.

Campaign Includes:
1 x 50k Mass LinksOne of the most effective ways of increasing the rankings of your authority sites is to promote those sites hard. This boosting service does exactly that, and this will result in your authority sites acquiring additional authority and link juice, resulting in improved rankings.

1 x High PR Squared - 60 LinksSome of the most difficult links to acquire are contextual links from niche related and high PR blogs. What we have done here is supply you with a number of high quality, contextual PR Niche blog posts, within unique content that was written by our in-house team of US writers.

In the very near future, these links will be indexed in Google and link juice will be passed onto your site, resulting in a boost in authority. In addition - we aggressively amplify the actual blogpost itself with a massive reinforcement layer (2nd tier) This way, even as the blogposts roll off the homepage, they will perpetually maintain their linkjuice and, quite often, pagerank.